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Silhouette FX Silhouette v7.5.8 Overview

Invaluable in post-production, Silhouette continues to bring the best of class tools to the visual effects industry. As a fully featured GPU accelerated compositing system, its standout features are award-winning rotoscoping and non-destructive paint as well as keying, matting, warping, morphing, and a total of 142 different nodes–all stereo enabled.

Developed over the years with input by those working in the trenches, Silhouette runs like a well-oiled machine and is easy to use. You will be up to speed with minimal effort and have the tools you need to handle the most challenging of shots. As visual effects artists in previous lives, we understand your challenges and timelines. Our goal is to help you get the job done right, on time and on budget.

Features of Silhouette FX Silhouette v7.5.8

Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after Silhouette FX Silhouette v7.5.8 free download.


The power of Silhouette lies in the Trees window where your effects are built. A tree is a series of clips and nodes, such as color correction, image processing, and composite nodes, plugged together to create the desired effect. The tree is grown by adding clips and nodes in any order. The ability to view any node while editing another allows for very complex composites that can be set up and rendered in one pass.


Silhouette is a node based system and different nodes are used for various functions. Located in the Nodes tab at the bottom of the screen, nodes are grouped into various categories.

Trees and Nodes Features

  • 142 different nodes organized into Color, Composite, Diffusion, Filter, Film Lab, Image, Key, Light, Silhouette, Special Effects, Time, Tints, Transform, Warp and OFX groups
  • Horizontal and vertical node layouts
  • Gestural node workflow
  • Visual presets for most nodes
  • OFX third-party plug-in is compatible. At the current time, Boris Sapphire, Boris mocha, and RE:Vision Effects plug-ins have been qualified to run in Silhouette.


A well-rounded collection of compositing nodes that provide all that is needed to combine multiple images. Utilize compositing tricks and techniques, color correction, blur, grain, matte manipulation, lens distortion, lighting effects, and edge blending. Eradicate the most common effects problems or employ specialized tools for combining imagery such as fire, smoke, and explosions.

Composite Features:

  • Compositing tricks and techniques
  • Effectively composite fire, explosions, and smoke
  • Edge tools to color correct or blur the composite’s edge
  • Proprietary matte generation
  • Matte manipulation using shrink, grow, blur and wrap functions


Silhouette allows you to quickly create sophisticated animated mattes using B-Spline, Bézier or X-Spline shapes. Intelligent design and easy-to-use tools, such as variable edge softness on a point by point basis and realistic motion blur, assist you in creating complicated shape animations. Integrated motion tracking makes the normally tedious task of rotoscoping a breeze.

Roto Features

  • Unlimited number of animated B-spline, X-Spline or Bézier shapes
  • Stereoscopic rotoscoping workflow and tools
  • Integrated Motion Tracker that can apply motion data to points or shapes
  • Planar tracker provides automatic, markerless motion analysis and tracking
  • IK (Inverse Kinematics) for animating humans, animals and all manner of jointed creatures
  • Support for open or closed shapes
  • Move, scale, rotate, shear, and corner pin shapes and groups of shapes
  • Point-by-Point variable edge softness
  • Realistic motion blur
  • Animation changes for one point or selected points across all keyframes
  • Independent shape viewing and hiding
  • User-definable names, colors, blurs and blend modes for each shape
  • Render shape animation over image as an outline or filled color
  • Shape import and export
  • Support for video fields and 3:2 Pulldown


Silhouette’s feature set has been augmented with the addition of an innovative approach to Inverse Kinematics. 3D modeling systems have long enjoyed the benefit of IK for animating articulated objects such as people, animals, and creatures in general. Silhouette V5 adapts the layer system already familiar to Silhouette users to dynamically generate “bone” structures for articulated shape transformation. When the IK feature is enabled, dragging a shape such as a fingertip has the potential to transform an entire arm. Since so much of roto work is on articulated objects, Silhouette’s IK feature can be a big time saver.


Utilize motion blur to generate realistic roto shapes and/or use variable edged feathering on a point by point basis.


Paint is a high dynamic range, non-destructive, 2D paint system designed from the ground up to handle the demands of feature film and television production. Whether it’s image restoration, dustbusting, wire and rig removal or just plain paint, Silhouette provides simple and sensible tools to get the job done.

Paint Features

  • Black and White, Blemish, Blur, Clone, Color, Color Correct, Drag, Eraser, Grain, Mosaic, Repair and Scatter brushes
  • Non-destructive raster paint system allows playback of paint strokes on a range of frames or the entire sequence
  • Automatic recording of paint events with selective stroke playback
  • Track paint strokes and Clone sources
  • Sophisticated cloning interface
  • Motion track, position, scale, rotate and corner pin clone sources
  • Color Correct, Blur or Sharpen the Clone source
  • Paint on left and right stereo images simultaneously using an adjustable, keyframeable interocular offset
  • Onion-Skin and Align tools to match up elements
  • Presets to store brushes and their settings
  • High dynamic range painting in a 32-bit float as well as 8 bit


Auto Paint is a highly unique automated paint feature that records all paint activity with tight integration of both point and planar trackers. Paint strokes can be match moved or stabilized giving Silhouette the speed of raster paint with the repeatability of vector paint. The beauty of the system lies in the automatic recording of the paint strokes and brush settings. Individual paint strokes can be selected and repeated over many frames, as well as deleted. If the original footage changes, the entire paint history can be used to rebuild the painted shot, automatically.


Silhouette includes a fully-featured shape-based image warping and morphing system as well as a pin warper which provide the highest level of control and quality available. Image warping and morphing can take place on stills as well as image sequences. Warping can be used to enhance or exaggerate facial features, adjust the sizing of image elements, create talking animals or any other type of image deformation. Morphing has been traditionally used to transform one object or person into another and more recently to seamlessly transform a live-action element into a CG (computer-generated) object and vice versa.

Pin Warp

Pin Warp allows you to warp specific image areas using pins while leaving other areas untouched. Adjustments can range from subtle nip and tucks to something more obvious like repositioning an arm or leg.

Pin Warp Features

  • Distort specific image areas using pins
  • Protect image areas using tacks
  • Track pins and tacks


Morphing has been traditionally used to transform one object or person into another and more recently to seamlessly transform a live-action element into a CG (computer-generated) object and vice versa.

Morph Features

  •     Distort and morph images and sequences
  •     Shape-based morphing
  •     Transformations on a layer by layer basis
  •     The depth and folding control
  •     Integrated motion tracking
  •     Interactive preview
silhouette morph 1silhouette morph 2silhouette morph 3


The Depth node contains a dedicated toolset for creating depth channels.


  • Shapes can be assigned individual depth values
  • Horizon, Ramp, Hall, and Tunnel gradient depth tools
  • The alpha tool that converts the alpha channel generated by other Silhouette nodes (zMatte, Power Matte, Roto, Paint, etc) into a depth map
  • Output to stereo displays

Depth Tools

There are a number of tools to create depth maps for 2D images which include: Constant, Horizon, Ramp, Hall, Tunnel, Edges, and Alpha.

  • Horizon: The horizon depth object creates a horizon line.
  • Ramp: The Ramp depth object creates a horizontal or vertical ramp blending out from the center.
  • Hall: The Hall depth object creates a perspective gradient as if you are looking down a hallway.
  • Tunnel: The Tunnel depth object creates a circular gradient as if you are looking down a tunnel.

Depth Preview

The Depth Preview window displays a 3D view of the depth map. It is very useful for visualizing the depth and placement of objects in 3D space.


Using proprietary matte extraction techniques, the zMatte and Power Matte nodes are capable of extracting almost any object in an image quickly and simply even if you are dealing with fine hair detail, smoke, or reflections. They are easy to use, yet provide the needed tools when faced with good, bad, or ugly shots.

Keying Features

  •     Interactive image matting tool
  •     DV/HD deartifacting
  •     Multiple matte creations
  •     Color suppression
  •     Sophisticated matte manipulation


Power Matte is an easy to use interactive image matting tool that iteratively estimates the transparency value for every pixel in the image, based on a small sample of foreground (what you want to cut out) and background (what you want to get rid of) pixels marked by defining simple shapes on the image. Results show that compared with previous approaches, our method is more efficient and requires minimal effort to extract high-quality mattes for foregrounds with significant semi-transparent regions. In addition, the foreground edge colors can be estimated in the semi-transparent areas to create a seamless composite.

Tracking is a technique that involves analyzing the motion of an image over time. In Silhouette, images can be tracked using an automatic image tracking system called Planar Tracking or Point Tracking which utilizes either one, two or four track points. Silhouette includes two Planar Trackers: Silhouette’s Planar Tracker and Imagineer’s mocha Planar Tracker.

Tracker Features

  • Planar Tracking using either Silhouette’s Planar Tracker or Imagineer’s mocha Planar Tracker
  • Planar Trackers provide automatic, markerless motion analysis and tracking
  • Planar Tracker tracks corners, edges or ridges
  • Unlimited point trackers for manual precision
  • Match Moving or stabilization of shapes or paint strokes
  • Pre-processing filters for problematic shots include Blur, Sharpen, Contrast, Gamma, De-Noise and Remove Flicker will increase tracker accuracy for problematic images
  • Post-processing of tracking data to include: Average, Smooth and Merge
  • Tracker export to popular formats *

* mocha Planar tracking data cannot be exported as external trackers.


Silhouette’s Planar Tracker tracks several points (corners, edges, and ridges) on the image while automatically handling partial occlusions of the tracked object, producing excellent results even with textureless objects. Imagineer’s Planar Tracker technology provides 2D transformation data by tracking planes rather than points.


The Point Tracker uses individual trackers which are placed on distinguishable image features.

silhouette sequence editorSEQUENCE EDITOR

Silhouette can perform editing tasks such as cutting, joining, moving, copying, replacing, trimming, retiming and repeating clips in the Sequence Editor.

Sequence Editor Features

  • Set clip in and out points
  • Automatically assemble selected clips
  • Copy, move, insert or replace clips
  • Trim in, trim out or trim both sides of an edit
  • Clip retiming

Silhouette FX Silhouette v7.5.8 Technical Setup Details

  • Software Full Name: Silhouette FX Silhouette v7.5.8
  • Setup File Name: Silhouette FX Silhouette
  • Setup Type: Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup
  • Compatibility Architecture: 32 Bit (x86) / 64 Bit (x64)

System Requirements For Silhouette FX Silhouette v7.5.8

Before you start Silhouette FX Silhouette v7.5.8 free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

Before you start Silhouette FX Silhouette v7.5.8 free download, make sure your mac meets minimum system requirements.

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Click on below button to start Silhouette FX Silhouette v7.5.8 Free Download. This is complete offline installer and standalone setup for Silhouette FX Silhouette v7.5.8. This would be compatible with macOS.