Skillshare Level Up in Blender Build an Advanced 3D Scene Free Download

Skillshare Level Up in Blender Build an Advanced 3D Scene Free Download

Create a comprehensive interior scene with 3D objects, multiple light sources, textures and colors using intermediate modeling techniques.

When 3D designer and animator, Derek Elliott began exploring Blender he didn’t realize it would transform his entire career. Originally a product designer, Derek soon discovered that learning to model and animate within Blender opened up a world of new opportunities—including creating product animations and investment-seeking presentations for companies around the world. Now with a community of over 220K across YouTube and Instagram, Derek loves sharing the power of Blender to create dynamic 3D renders.

With years of experience with 3D product rendering in Blender, Derek will share how to use more advanced 3D modeling techniques to create a dynamic interior scene. From cartoon animators looking to build a world for their characters to interior animators who want to bring their 2D sketches to life, anyone can take their 3D designs to the next level by learning how to construct a room scene within Blender.

With Derek as your guide, you’ll:

Design realistic objects with advanced modeling techniques
Build an architectural room scene
Discover the power of premade assets and modifiers
Add color and texture to your scene using 3D materials
Plus, you’ll gain valuable insight into Derek’s workflow and how he goes about modeling an entire scene as a full-time 3D designer.

Whether you’re just getting started with 3D or you’re looking to bring your 3D objects into a full blown, detailed scene, you’ll leave this class knowing how to build out an interior space with intermediate and advanced 3D modeling techniques.

You don’t need to be an expert 3D animator or designer to take this class, but some general knowledge of Blender’s interface and tools will help streamline your learning. With a computer, mouse and Blender, you’ll have everything you need to learn the basics of 3D modeling. To continue learning more about 3D modeling in Blender, explore Derek’s full 3D Modeling and Animation Learning Path.

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