Skillshare Making a Light Tank Approach to Fast 3D Realism Free Download

Skillshare Making a Light Tank Approach to Fast 3D Realism Free Download

To achieve Realism in CGI, there are two main secrets: Lighting and Texturing.

In this class, we will learn a fast and easy workflow to quickly make high quality and realistic assets for your 3D renders.

We will achieve this by photogrammetry, BUT not how we conventionally do it.

We will cover:
1. Quick acquisition of data for photoscanning in a matter of 2-3 minutes instead of hours
2. Processing this information in Reality Capture
3. Correcting the mesh artifacts and blobbiness in Blender
4. Converting extremely high poly mesh to low poly while preserving every detail in texture
5. Optimising the model for use in the 3D scenes
6. Free Assets!

We will talk about about how to quickly make a realistic asset for your scenes within real-life limitations. You come across something during your evening walk and you wish if this could be a part of your next CG scene. Take out your phone and START SCANNING!

With this Run & Gun scanning, the artifacts that arise, will be taken care of in Blender.

In the end, you will have a beautiful asset for you asset library.


Softwares Required: Reality Capture/Meshroom(Free), Blender

SkillshareMakingaLightTankApproachtoFast3DRealism.part1.rar – 500.0 MB
SkillshareMakingaLightTankApproachtoFast3DRealism.part2.rar – 500.0 MB
SkillshareMakingaLightTankApproachtoFast3DRealism.part3.rar – 500.0 MB
SkillshareMakingaLightTankApproachtoFast3DRealism.part4.rar – 500.0 MB
SkillshareMakingaLightTankApproachtoFast3DRealism.part5.rar – 436.4 MB