Special Effects in Photos 3.0

Special Effects in Photos 3.0

Special Effects in Photos 3.0
5 hrs | Video: 1080p
http://www.fotoshkola-druzya.ru/prospecialeffect/You have found the only course on the Internet where the steps of revealing the most incredible photos are revealed. The secret is that most “technically sophisticated” shots are just the result of a combination of the correct camera settings, fine-tuning and a little ingenuity.


Do you want to know the recipes for the most interesting photos? Then let’s go together to hell with a fresh theory about the camera device.
Right now you are one step away from a brilliant treasury of piggy banks that will open up the opportunity for you to repeat the most incredible photos!

Course Outline:
Lesson 1. The secret of promotional photos – how to get a stylish photo of objects using live fire
Lesson 2. The secret of surround light – how to get a cool portrait with a flash in the garage or at home
Lesson 3. The secret of drawing with light – how to get beautiful light cables and not smear the frame
Lesson 4. The secret of floating water – how to take stunning photos of a stream or waterfall
Lesson 5. The secret of double exposure – how to combine two photos using camera settings
Lesson 6. The secret of pure light – how to get a stylish portrait, taking off at any window
Lesson 7. The secret of backlight – how to set up the camera when shooting against the sun
Lesson 8. The secret of shadow masks – how to get an even separation between light and shadow
Lesson 9. The secret of torn light – how to create such an effect without using Photoshop
Lesson 10. The secret of Teal & Orange – how to put a high-quality “Hollywood” light in the frame
Lesson 11. The secret of the bright key – how to take a beautiful portrait in bright colors
Lesson 12. Secret of regime time – how to set up the camera for stunning shots after sunset
Lesson 13. The secret of two light sources – how to mix artificial and daylight
Lesson 14. The secret of the double aperture – how to get sharpness on two objects on different planes
Lesson 15. The secret of dramatic light – we make the effect of a photo studio with light from the window
Lesson 16. The secret of a home photo studio – we take magazine pictures with a flash in our apartment
Lesson 17. The secret of photos with water – how to make a spectacular picture with splashes at home
Lesson 18. The secret of ghosts in the pictures – how to add a home ghost to any photo
Lesson 19. The secret of the rays of light – how to get visible streams of light in portrait and landscape photography
Lesson 20. The secret of dynamic frames – how to effectively capture objects in motion in a picture
Lesson 21. The secret of the endless horizon – how to make a “soaring” photograph between sky and water

Lang: Russian

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