Sue Bryce Photography – Flow Posing: Women

Sue Bryce Photography – Flow Posing: Women

Sue Bryce Photography – Flow Posing: Women

English | 1hr 7m | Video: 720p

Watch as Sue takes you through 4 core scenarios: Sitting, Standing, Wall Lean, and Lying Down. She teaches you how to make the poses flow and why it works. Flow is essential to achieve stunning, fashion-type portraits that don’t look stiff or forced. You will learn so much -including 50 different poses- in such a short time with these courses. There is so much information in the Flow Posing: Women course that will come in handy for your next portrait shoot!

Sitting- Sue goes through 4 out of her 5 compositions… Shows how to rotate away and that the gradual rotation can change the look and light tremendously… Plus so many tips about how to change the body language of the photo by changing the pose various ways.

Standing- She shows how to bring the arms and legs into the frame and make it look natural. You’ll learn how to use different stances and your clients’ hips to get a beautiful line for their portraits.

Wall Lean- The wall is the perfect place to pose bc it gives your clients something to lean, on which makes them feel safe, secure and solid. Plus they aren’t looking for something to do with their hands because they are leaning. Sue goes over the different poses she uses with the wall.

Lying Down- Using the couch, Sue goes over a few sitting poses again, and then they get into the lying down posing. Sue shows how moving certain limbs in certain ways can make a shot go from innocent to sexy in no time!

*Another key point Sue brings up, is that as photographers we get too comfortable having our clients do all the moving around. Don’t be afraid to be the one doing the moving around to get different angles. Take the time to shift yourself around your client to see what looks best or where the light hits best.