Tatyana Ivanova – All about posing and more

Tatyana Ivanova – All about posing and more

Tatyana Ivanova – All about posing and more

This video is not only about posing in the surroundings and how to use the location unexpectedly, non-trivially, interestingly, with a creative approach, but also about the theory of my emancipation philosophy.

I will not only show you, but also tell you about the connection between the body and emotions, how to live emotions through the body so that they are unplayed. ⠀ Why it is important, how to set up a model, how to find a connection with it, how to enter it into a state where you manage the process and you have a portal in which you start to create something unique on the same wavelength. ⠀ This is a documentary, there I do not just tell, but also show how to do it. ⠀ As they say, it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times! ⠀ By popular demand, I made this training video specifically for you. ⠀ This video is for those who want more, who do not stand still and want to creative, create, amaze themselves and your customers. Reconfigure your brain to create something more that can distinguish you from others.

Where will I tell you:

    • How to maximize the use of surroundings
    • All the secrets of posing and more
    • Unique liberation content
    • I will show how non-standard poses for posing are born.
    • How to be creative on set
    • I will share the secrets of my vision of work

Lang: Russian

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