The Gnomon Workshop – Creating Worlds for Film & TV Free Download

The Gnomon Workshop – Creating Worlds for Film & TV Free Download

In any film or TV series, architecture and environment design play an important role. In many projects, it becomes of such paramount importance that a “nice” visual isn’t going to cut it — your designs also need to be accurate and fully developed.

This 3-hour workshop by Francesco Corvino is intended for anyone interested in architecture and environment design for the entertainment industry, as well as those more broadly looking to develop unique, imaginary worlds. Francesco shares his straightforward approach to designing architecture and environments using a simple, no-nonsense approach with Photoshop and Blender as his software of choice.

Basic knowledge of 3D software and Photoshop will be sufficient for following along with this workshop. In a world increasingly saturated with hyper-photorealistic illustrations, often produced in seconds using generative AI software, this workshop focuses on the fundamentals of design and ideation. Francesco focuses on what truly matters: ideas, creativity, functionality, and strategic thinking. Unburdened by complex and overwhelming visual pipelines, this workshop approach is to help artists bring their true, authentic creative visions to life.

Beginning with an analysis of a project brief, this workshop guides students through the initial design process and elaborates on a functional design proposal with effective internal logic. From there, Francesco dives into Blender to efficiently build a 3D mockup that will provide a coherent base for the visualization. He additionally shares his personal tricks for using sketches, linework, shading, and lighting to showcase your designs in all their glory.

Project files with this workshop include the images Francesco created to be used as a reference.

TheGnomonWorkshopCreatingWorldsforFilmTV.part1.rar – 350.0 MB
TheGnomonWorkshopCreatingWorldsforFilmTV.part3.rar – 350.0 MB
TheGnomonWorkshopCreatingWorldsforFilmTV.part2.rar – 350.0 MB
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