The Gnomon Workshop – Designing Sci-Fi Weapons for Film Free Download

The Gnomon Workshop – Designing Sci-Fi Weapons for Film Free Download

Learn the techniques that professional concept artists use in fast-paced production environments to design props for movies. Paul Ozzimo, a Concept Designer and Art Director with over 35 years of experience and credits including Avatar, The Avengers, and The Mandalorian, shares how to design and export artwork using Photoshop to bring exciting props to life.

Only basic Photoshop skills are required for this concept design workshop. Paul demonstrates how to create four different Blaster weapon designs; you’ll learn how to use the Photoshop Selection Tools for cutting out images, how to use and create your own ‘Blaster Sheet’ resource, and discover Paul’s simple Photoshop color-correction and painting methods. You’ll also discover how to add simple backgrounds to your designs to emphasize your artwork.

In this workshop, you will discover essential skills that will prepare you for the demands of studio work. Being able to produce artwork quickly is often more important than perfection, so efficiency is key.

Included with this workshop are Paul’s final completed Blaster designs for both the “good guy” and “bad guy” characters, along with his ‘Blaster Sheet’ reference board to help with design elements.

TheGnomonWorkshopDesigningSciFiWeaponsforFilm.part1.rar – 400.0 MB
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TheGnomonWorkshopDesigningSciFiWeaponsforFilm.part4.rar – 400.0 MB
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