The Gradle Masterclass Free Download

The Gradle Masterclass Free Download

The Gradle Masterclass
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Discover the most advanced Java Build tools on the Planet!

What you’ll learn

A high level of competence in building simple or complex Java Multi-Project Builds
Write Gradle Build Scripts using Groovy or Kotlin programming languages
Know what the Gradle Lifecycle is and how to benefit from it!
Know what the Gradle Domain Objects are and how to use them
Know how to get the most out of ‘Plugins’
Gain a deep knowledge of the Gradle Build Tool


Some basic programming experience, preferably Java


Welcome to The Gradle Mastery Course !

Where you will learn the intricacies and nuances of one of the most advanced software Build Tools on the planet …

In this course you’ll learn about Gradle from the ground up.

Starting with the corner stones of Gradle; the Domain Specific Language or DSL, the Domain Object Model and Lifecycle.

Gradle relies heavily on what is called a Domain Specific Language or DSL.

For along time Groovy has been Gradles go to DSL language. So it makes sense to start there and I provide you with a good understanding in how to use Groovy with Gradle, so you can get the maximum benefit from both. Later in the course I also take a look at using Kotlin as the DSL and what IDE support there is available for this amazing programming language.

I then set the scene of how Gradle works from the inside out, by looking at the Gradle Lifecycle (… something that is often over looked!!).

You’ll get to understand that mastering the Gradle Lifecycle and associated Domain Objects is the key to getting that ‘A-ha!’ moment with Gradle. (This alone will put you streets ahead of other developers.)

You’ll learn that mastering the wide variety of Domain Objects that come with Gradle and its ‘Plugins’ are another key that unlocks the power of Gradle.

From single Java projects to complex Multi-Project Java Web applications – these can easily be handled by Gradle and with the examples used in this course you’ll have plenty of guidance and experience to use on you’re very own projects and lead the way forward. Creating world class, leading edge build scripts, with arguably the most powerful and modern build tool on the planet!

In this course I cover the basics of the Groovy language used by Gradle, later in the course I also touch upon using Kotlin as well.

I cover in-depth the Gradle Lifecycle and how to hook into it, so we get the full benefit of Gradles power.

I cover a variety of Gradles Domain Objects and how to successfully manipulate them, as well as ‘Plugins’ – in particular the Java Plugin.

The Gradle ‘Wrapper is also covered in some detail.

I look at the Buildship plugin for Eclipse and how that works. (The course is mainly based on using this platform.)

The examples used in this course are various and all Java Projects. From single applications to Multi-Project Web Applications, all built and deployed using Gradle.

The ideal student for this course is any Java developer who is looking to expand on their current skills.

There’re no requirements to enroll on this course, only that you have some prior knowledge of Java,

I only ask that you come open minded and ready to learn.

Who this course is for:

Anyone wishing to Build there Java programs Reliably and Consistently
All Java developers!

The Gradle Masterclass: Video, PDF´s Download