The Pixel Farm PFTrack v2018 Free Download [WIN-MAC]

The Pixel Farm PFTrack v2018 Free Download

Unrivaled 3D Tracking brings endless creative possibilities

Tracking professionals throughout the VFX industry regard PFTrack as the most innovative product of its kind. With unparalleled flexibility, functionality, and precision, it is the go-to matchmoving and layout software for a reason: It does what the competition can’t.

Building on a rock-solid camera tracking and image analysis engine, PFTrack adds exclusive technologies that stretch far beyond the capabilities of other conventional matchmoving software, empowering visual artists to recreate entire scenes within an accurate world space defined by real camera metrics.

Every VFX pipeline will benefit from data that only PFTrack can deliver, meaning creative possibilities are limitless, and accessible within a single working environment that inspires imagination.


Photogrammetry Embedded

Class-leading photogrammetry toolset for building accurate geometry, but with that PFTrack Twist.

Performance Capture

Multi-camera motion capture, geometry tracking, and object tracking. If it moves independent of the camera, we’ve got it covered.


Accurately recreate the world space, camera, and object movements of the original live-action scene, and rebuild the natural environment where CG characters will exist.

Survey Solver

With direct support for raw LIDAR scans and the unique photosurvey node, PFTrack makes quick work of immense survey data packages. Absolute precision doesn’t bring your productivity to a halt.

3D Camera Tracking

Easy to use, accurate, fast and ahead of the curve. PFTrack’s matchmove core gets your job done with class-leading results.


Spherical Tracking Toolset

Your fast track to creating incredible 360° content for VFX, VR, games and more. This toolset comprises of three brand new nodes: Spherical Track, Spherical Orient and Spherical Render.

  • The Spherical Track Node – A fast, streamlined solution for tracking and solving the full equirectangular image from 360° cameras. The node tracks six cameras at once from the equirectangular panorama, all aligned and contained in the same scene, which is then passed downstream through the node tree, opening up the full potential of PFTrack’s renowned feature set.
  • The Spherical Orient Node – Stabilise the camera rotation of your spherical track, as well as re-orient your panorama and focus your front view on animatable look-at points.
  • The Spherical Render Node – Finally render your new equirectangular panorama, which used alongside tracking data from the six cameras, offers VFX artists a fully equipped spherical toolset for 360° content creation at their fingertips.


Double The Technology, Galactic Results

The fusion of PFTrack and PFDepth. Recreate accurate world space and take your VFX pipeline to new dimensions. Now integrated with PFTrack.

Dimensionalization professionals turn to PFDepth for one reason, to work within a true 3D world space using real-world camera models. This seemingly simple concept is what allows PFDepth to create extremely accurate, per-pixel 2D to 3D conversion, depth maps for deep compositing and fix problems with a stereo image pair that may have happened back when the scene was originally shot. The result is total creative control, without the guesswork.

And with a state-of-the-art review environment that checks for comfort violations prior to rendering, PFDepth ensures breathtaking 3D, without the headaches.

Key PFDepth Features Include

2D to 3D Conversion

Automated Z-depth tools that make dimensionalization as easy as x,y,z and a QA toolset that guarantees correct results.

Stereoscopic Correction

Our renowned camera tracking technologies guarantee absolute precision, even if your camera rig doesn’t.

Real Depth

Deep Compositing technologies ensure PFDepth fits your pipeline where you choose.