The Wedding Video Editing Masterclass

The Wedding Video Editing Masterclass

The Wedding Video Editing Masterclass
Weddings Made Simple: Learn to edit high-end cinematic wedding films so you can charge more and grow your business.

If you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels trying to grow your wedding business, and you want to charge more so you can stop hustling so hard and worrying about how to pay the bills, then this course is for you.

Sometimes it can feel like you’re chained to your desk with a never-ending backlog of edits, and the moment you catch up, the next wave of weddings hit. This never-ending cycle leads to burnout, which is obviously not something you want!

We’ve gone from charging $400 for a wedding to over $10,000 following the fast, clean, artistic, and fun editing process we highlight in this course. When we first started, we made mistakes and found ourselves buried in edits, but after filming thousands of weddings, we’ve developed a plan to ensure every film is unique, creative, and cinematically beautiful.

If that is what you want, or you simply want to become a better editor, developing your coloring, audio, storytelling, clip selection, or hundreds of other skills, then let’s get started!

When you’ve completed the course, you’ll know how to charge more and work less! You’ll be able to have more consistent high-end coloring and audio arrangement.

And most importantly, your films will be unique to each couple every time, and you’ll be recognized for the amazing filmmaker you have become!

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