Trick Photography for Beginners – Shoot and Edit Trick Shots

Trick Photography for Beginners – Shoot and Edit Trick Shots
Learn How to Shoot & Edit Amazing Trick Shots Like Levitation, Miniature Photography, Forced Perspective & Much More!

Do you want to learn the art of Trick Photography and create some amazing shots that seem almost surreal?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

In this course you will be learning how to shoot and edit different types of Trick Photography shots like Levitation Photography, Floating Objects Photography, Miniature Photography, Composite Blending Photography, Forced Perspective Photography, Cloning Trick Photography and so much more.

The best part is that you will be able to follow this course no matter type of camera you have. You can use a DSLR, Mirrorless, Point and Shoot or even a simple Smartphone. Here are the different sections in this course:

Levitation and Floating Objects Photography

We’ll be staring off things by learning about one of most popular types of Trick Photography called Levitation Photography, where you make people and objects float in the air.

You will be learning the entire process of creating a levitation shot from scratch, right from understanding and implementing the set up to taking the shot from the camera to editing the shot inside Photoshop.

You will be learning all the do’s and dont’s of this process.

You will be learning how to do this both for people and for small objects. You will be learning two different techniques to make things float – one which involves the usage of a set up and the other which doesn’t involve any setup.

You will get access to the images being used in editing process so you can work-along and learn things practically.


Miniature Trick Photography

Miniature Photography is a genre where you shrink people and create a shot in which they are interacting with a small objects to give it the illusion of a mini-world.

Here you will be learning about how to take the different shots – the subject shot and the environment shot in such a way that it’s easy to edit the shot in Photoshop.

Once we have both the shots, we will be heading to Photoshop to implement our very own “5 S method” to edit these shots. The 5 S methods comprises of – Selection, Scaling, Shadows, Syncing Color Balance and Scrutinize.

You will be learning how to make accurate and refined selections of the subject using the Select and Mask Tool in Photoshop.

You will be learning how to create realistic looking shadows from scratch and also how to use existing shadows by using the different blending options in Photoshop.

You will also be learning how to sync the color balance between both the shots so the overall scene looks real.

You will be getting access to the images being used during the editing process and this will make your learning process very practical.


Forced Perspective Trick Photography

In this very popular genre of Trick Photography, you will be learning how to create illusions using perspective, i.e, playing around with angles of shooting and a bit Photoshop to produce images in which the subjects look disproportionate to their original size and yet amazing.

Here you will be learning about the setup involved and then how to blend the set up image with the environment image in Photoshop.

Clone Trick Photography

In this section we will be creating a shot where the same subject is replicated multiple times in the same scene. This will be done by shooting multiple shots with the subject at different positions in each shot and then we will be merging all the shots in Photoshop using Layer Masks.

Here I will be showing you an entire shoot of how I take such shots using the Manual Mode settings, the Pre-Focusing technique and how to think about the different positions for the clones so that it doesn’t cause a mess during editing.

In the editing part, I will be showing you a three-step process to edit Clone Photography shots. The editing will be done using Layer Masking so that everything is done in a non-destructive way.

Composite Blending Photography

In this section you will be learning how to create composites using the blending options in Photoshop. Using blending options is an advanced but seamless way to merge two images together.


Trick Photography is one genre which is often overlooked by budding Photographers because the assumption is that it is only for fun. But that’s not the truth. Learning Trick Photography can also open up avenues for professional photography since a lot of clients love these trick shots.

Learning the art of trick photography also makes you a superior photographer since it makes you understand the importance of lighting, composition and editing in the correct manner.

The learnings from Trick Photography can easily be applied to other genres of Photography as well.