Udemy – Advanced Environment Art Bootcamp Free Download

Udemy – Advanced Environment Art Bootcamp Free Download

A step-by step bootcamp to create a professional 3D environment for video games in as little as 12 weeks

What you’ll learn

Craft a dynamic, interactive story that pulls people right into your environment.
Build better blockouts to better inform your environment composition skills
Light scenes effectively and professionally using Unreal Engine 5 Lumin, for more immersive and beautiful environments
Unwrap and bake assets so that your props are completed to a professional quality standard
Use Photogrammetry to effectively speed up the time it takes you to create highly detailed and impressive props
Understand how to use Zbrush for highly detailed environment art, setting yourself apart from all other artists who are not using it in their workflow.
Utilize decals to create visually stunning scenes that wow your audience
Market yourself effectively by using little-known tips and tricks to make your portfolio stand out


Some beginner and Intermediate level 3d courses recommended. Working knowledge of 3d software.

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