Udemy – Ai Tools for Concept Art Free Download

Udemy – Ai Tools for Concept Art Free Download

What you’ll learn
Become a creative prompt engineer
Learn Ai tools for concept art
Learn Midjourney
Learn how to use and work with Chat GPT
Create advanced prompts for professional images
Learn how to make professional art from Ai
Learn how to make generative Ai art
Learn Ai for Game Design, Animation Backgrounds, Concept Art
Create Ai Art for Game Design or Concept Art

This course is designed for anyone who wants to create digital art, concept art, art for games or animation. If you love the concept art of film, animation and games then there are some exciting new Ai image tools that can help you bring your visions to life. You even have the opportunity to start working with these tools as a viable career option, making prompts for clients and studios.

The world of digital art is changing fast. There are tools and new opportunities being created right now. Ai is here, and there is much to explore and to learn with these brand new tools. You have the opportunity to see your visions come to life faster than ever before with the help of these tools, to become a creative prompt engineer, and to develop a niche as a digital creative working with Midjourney and Chat GPT.

This course will guide you through the complexities of the latest technology in Ai tools such as Chat GPT, and image diffusion models such as Midjourney in order to create stunning digital artwork.

You’re going to learn how to set up an image diffusion app such as Midjourney and run it on your own discord; I’ll walk you through how to create your first prompts, how to enhance or modify the results and how to upsacele your artwork in order to render it.

All of those processes are straightforward and easy. But, what might be a little bit more complex are the countless ways that you can engineer your prompts to create the exact image you want. AND, how to iterate those images in order to create a complete concept art portfolio piece or client brief.

Prompt engineering is fast becoming the hottest job spec in the digital landscape right now, and today, you’ll learn how to really refine the way you interact with he Midjourney bot, how to blend images, how to create a prompt template and how to get the bot to describe images to you.

You’ll also learn how to leverage the power of Chat Get. The swill be like having your own prompt engineer to help you craft the language you use to get the images you want.

If you are at all interested in digital art, concept are or art for animation, then learning how to interact with Ai tools like Midjourney and Chat get is essential to stay in the game, and to huild out a really exciting niche for yourself in order to offer work to clients or to build up your own portfolio.

By the end of this course you’ll be creating stunning artwork with just a few well-crafted prompts that you can use as a starting point for your own paintings or as a calling card for clients and studios.

Who this course is for:
This course is for anyone who wants to be able to bring their images to life by creating stunning artwork
If you are a digital artist, this course is an essential step in learning new Ai Tools
This course is for artists, digital artists, animators, game designers and concept artists

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