Udemy – Begin Animation: Complete Course For The Complete Beginner Free Download

Udemy – Begin Animation: Complete Course For The Complete Beginner Free Download

What you’ll learn
Learn the fundamentals of animation
Learn all the terminology and concepts
Learn the 12 principles of animation
Learn the animation pipeline

In this course you will learn the foundations in order to do 2D or 3D animation.

To become a great animator, it is crucial to lay a solid foundation and understand the basic fundamentals of animation. Without these knowledge, you will really struggle as an aspiring animator.

This online course is the perfect starting point for someone who wants to pursue a career in animation and need to learn all the basic fundamentals, whether you want to do 2D or 3D animation. It is also perfect for those who have already started their journey as an animator, but feel that they don’t have the fundamentals yet and want lay a solid foundation as they continue.

This is why this course is perfect for any new animator.

So what will you learn?

12 Principles of Animations
The 6 Steps of the Animation Process
The Animation Pipeline
Different software available for animation
Basic fundamentals and terminology of animation
By the end of this course you will know the basics of animation, and be equipped to continue on your journey to become a great animator.

So what are you waiting for? If you are serious about pursuing a career in animation, or want to do it as a hobby, then this course will be the perfect tool to get you of on a great start!

Who this course is for:
Someone who never animated before, or just started out.

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