Udemy – Complete Blender VFX Course Free Download

Udemy – Complete Blender VFX Course Free Download

What you’ll learn
Develop proficiency in effectively tracking 3D scenes within Blender.
Acquire the skills needed for precise lighting matching and seamless integration of your CGI footage into real-life scenes.
Dive into the application of realistic post-production effects in composition, utilizing both Blender and DaVinci Resolve, to enhance visual realism.
Master the techniques for cleaning and refining your tracking information.
Explore the fundamental principles of animation.
Import realistic assets with precision in transformations.
Gain basic insights into planning your VFX shots.
Discover valuable tips and tricks for filming your VFX shots.
Learn how to capture high-quality HDRI images using just an iPhone.
Efficiently import and export content in the correct formats.
Learn the art of solving 3D tracked information.
Get familiar with the basics of using Blender’s smoke simulator, in conjunction with force effectors and colliders.

Welcome to this comprehensive course on Visual Effects (VFX) creation using Blender and Davinci Resolve! Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate user, this course is designed to take you through the entire process of crafting stunning visual effects in just 59 minutes.

Course Highlights:

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1: Get started with an Introduction to the course.
Section 2: Footage & HDRI Capture
Lecture 2: Learn the essentials of Planning & Recording.
Lecture 3: Dive into the world of Capturing custom HDRIs and finding premade HDRIs.
Section 3: Blender Process
Lecture 4: Part 4 – Converting to Image Sequence
Lecture 5: Part 5 – Master Tracking & Solving Techniques
Lecture 6: Part 6 – Asset Importation & Scaling
Lecture 7: Part 7 – HDRI & Lighting Setup
Lecture 8: Part 8 – Animation & View Layer Setup
Lecture 9: Discover Extra Tips for Realism Enhancement
Lecture 10: Explore Step 9 – Smoke Simulation
Lecture 11: Master Step 10 – Render Settings
Lecture 12: Uncover Part 11 – Advanced Compositing Settings for Blender.
Section 4: Davinci Resolve
Lecture 13: Implement Part 12 – Importing & Compositing in Fusion
Lecture 14: Finalize with Part 13 – Adding the Perfect Touch in Davinci Resolve

Why Choose This Course?

In this course, we provide a concise and informative journey through the world of VFX creation. Here’s why you should join us:

Efficiency: With a runtime of just 38 minutes, we’ve condensed the most critical information, making this course perfect for those with busy schedules.

Beginner to Intermediate: Whether you’re taking your first steps into VFX or looking to enhance your skills, this course caters to both beginners and intermediates.

Proven Instructors: While this is our first course on Udemy, we come with nearly a decade of experience using Blender. We’re passionate about sharing our knowledge with you.

Professional Voiceover: To make your learning experience even more satisfying, we’ve incorporated a professional voiceover, ensuring clarity and engagement throughout the course.

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