Udemy- Creating Typeface Animation in After Effects Free Download

Udemy- Creating Typeface Animation in After Effects Free Download

What you’ll learn
Correctly dividing letters into parts and fixing errors
Animating letters using masks
Animating letters using strokes
Creating write-on animation
Using animation principles in typeface animation
Animating interaction between letters
Animating morphing of letters

In this course, we will learn how to create Typeface animations in After Effects. We will learn various techniques for animating letters, we will learn how to correctly split letters into parts, how to use masks for animation, how to create write-on animation, how to create Stroke animation, how to use accents in animation, how to use animation principles, how to make an animation of letter interaction, we’ll also cover many techniques for creating letter morphing animations!

Techniques that we will cover, you can apply not only to letter animations but also to other animations in After Effects. We’ll also explore the techniques with examples so that you’ll understand how to apply them. We will also explore in detail some useful animation principles and morphing, using various examples, this knowledge will help you to animate letters, or text in general, and in some cases logos consisting of letters. The course is divided into parts so that you can focus on an individual topic.

In this course, there will be quite a lot of techniques that you will be able to use in practice, and I hope you will find a lot of useful information for yourself and you’ll be able to increase your practical knowledge!

Who this course is for:
For those who want to learn or increase their skills in animating text or letters

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