Udemy – EmberGen Volumetric & Unreal Engine 5 Free Download

Udemy – EmberGen Volumetric & Unreal Engine 5 Free Download

What you’ll learn
This course will set you up to understand the broad pipeline, Embergen intro and Unreal setup
You will learn how to import and use your own meshes, (for colision and generators) to create fire – smoke (Volumetric – VDM) inside Embergen.
You will learn how to use force fields, emitters, simulation options and volume (post) processing.
Making loopable simulations that can be played seamless in Unreal.
You will learn to create your own custom material inside Unreal Engine 5 that will work with VDB.
You will get a basic understanding of lighting posing and rendering inside Unreal Engine 5.

Hi, and thank you for the interest.

In this course you will have over three hours of usefull information to apply in your own projects. As Unreal VDB implementation will skyrocket from now on, consider this a well placed investment in your VFX or gamedev career.
First we will take a trip in the world of Embergen; after doing a short presentation of the interface and the most commonly used shortcut keys we will dive in exploring the nodes and their atributes.

At this point we will build our own master material in UE5 from scratch, with some nice parameters that will allow us to adjust the colors of our VDB particles.

Then we will proceed in creating and editing our very own volumetric particle effect. First we will import our custom meshes that will have a role in creating collision as well as being a source of (shape) generators for our particles. We will consider all aspects for our particles such as the environment (open world or closed space) that can impact the way our particles are behaving. Closer to the end we will make our sistem to loop so we can use them seamlessly in any environment for as long as it needs.

After the polishing of our system we will then export our simulation as VDB files ready to be imported in Unreal Engine. We will do a studio lighting setup and finally we will render everything for our portfolio / showreel.

Disclaimer : This course will not be in-depth covering all various atributes and what all sliders might do, but it will inform you how it all works as an architecture and as a mechanism and what are the most commonly used features and atributes, also will give you the best practices and efficiency workflows in regards to our volumetric particles.

Who this course is for:
Beginer and intermediate users both for Embergen and Unreal Engine 5.
3D Artists and generalists who want to expand their skillset.
Aspiring VFX artists.

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