Udemy – Enhance Lightroom Editing with the Luminar Neo Plugin Free Download

Udemy – Enhance Lightroom Editing with the Luminar Neo Plugin Free Download

What you’ll learn
What plugins are and how they can assist in photo editing with Lightroom Classic
Variety of popular plugins for Lightroom Classic
How to start with plugins for Lightroom Classic (installing and beginning the work)
The interface of Lightroom Classic and the Luminar Neo plugin
Influence of different adjustments on photos (from basic to advanced)
How to practically set up White Balance, Tone, and Presence adjustments in Lightroom Classic and enhance them with the Luminar Neo plugin
The way of using the Tone Curve, HSL/Color, Color Grading, and Detail adjustments in Lightroom Classic with the Luminar Neo plugin
Possibilities of using masking in photo editing and practical experience on how to use the AI Masking Luminar Neo feature
How to work with Lens Corrections, Transform, Effects, and Calibration adjustments in Lightroom Classic
Benefits of using layers in photo editing and understanding how to use them in the Luminar Neo Plugin
Why photos need to be cropped and how to do so practically with the Luminar Neo plugin
How to combine different adjustments from Lightroom Classic and the Luminar Neo plugin
AI Luminar Neo plugin features to art photos or edit portrait photography
Presets as a quick way to improve photos
Different extensions for the Luminar Neo plugin

Welcome to the “Enhance Lightroom Editing with the Luminar Neo Plugin” course on Skylum’s Udemy channel.

This course is for everyone who would like to start making comprehensive photos in Lightroom Classic but doesn’t want to spend a lot of time on editing.

Photographers, designers, SMM specialists, artists, influencers, and anyone who has wanted to start with editing for many years—it’s your time. We know that some effects might require many actions to achieve them, which could be hard for beginners without overwhelming experience. But how do you stay competitive in this realm? Just use plugins. It’s a kind of tool focused on bringing certain functions into your usual workflow.

In this course, we will teach you to edit with Lightroom Classic and show you how the Luminar Neo plugin can complete your Lightroom edits or replace them with faster ones. You watch only one course but equip yourself with two powerful instruments: Lightroom Classic and the Luminar Neo plugin.

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