Udemy – Head Anatomy and Sculpting Exercises Course Free Download

Udemy – Head Anatomy and Sculpting Exercises Course Free Download

Learn anatomy and shapes of male and female head for 3D and 2D artists

What you’ll learn

Anatomy and forms of human head and face
Shapes of human head
Sculpting human head from sphere tips and tricks
Head sculpting exercises


Just seeking a knowledge of human head forms and shapes required


So you like making human heads but they tend to look a bit bad?

And you wanna reach a pro level in a few hours?

Hmmm, it is not really possible!

But what is possible is to improve your head sculpting, anatomy and forms with the exercises in this course!

Starting from skull, making a head over it, male heads, female heads and couple of feedbacks on beginner heads you will bump up your understanding of head anatomy, shapes and forms in a matter of days, instead of months!

My name is Niko and i am a 3D character artist and teacher with over 20000 students withmy online courses of anatomy, character creation, Blender and Zbrush. I am also a youtube standup comedy/sculptor/streamer with my two youtube channels – Speedchar and Speedchar live.

In this course we will go trough the main shapes of the human head. The differences between male and female head. Skull shapes and their importance in the face constructing, sculpting and drawing.

The course is for all levels, it is done in Blender, but you can do it in Zbrush or even draw in Photoshop or Ipad.

In the beginning we will start by doing a test head to see where our starting level is. Then we will make a skull with it’s main planes, followed by a more detailed skull, all starting from a sphere. Then we make a head over the skull, explaining thickness of facial features and comparing it to the skull. Then we will make series of planes of the head exercises to better understand the forms of the human head. Then few heads from another artists works and scans. Following i will explain the difference between male and female head by making a female out of a male head. Then we will do couple of female heads, and we will go to the feedback section.

The feedback is very important since it will give you the idea of the most common mistakes and how to directly fix them. There will be around 7 female and male heads, made from different beginner artists, that i will fix and make look almost decent :).

At the end i will even go back and fix some minor issues on my own heads made in the course.

The course is for everyone who wants to improve their knowledge on face and head forms and shapes. Also for those who want to know what exercises to do for fast and efficient level gathering in facial understanding.

Face sculpting or drawing is essential for all character artists, both 2D and 3D, and i see many people struggle with that for a long time, not knowing what to do. That’s why i did this course. To help those in need. So if you feel like you can improve your face sculpting or drawing, you are welcome to the Head anatomy and sculpting exercises course.
Who this course is for:

All seeking to improve their head anatomy and shapes knowledge

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