Udemy – Houdini 19.5, UE5 – Procedural Stylized Pencil Case(s) + RBD Free Download

Udemy – Houdini 19.5, UE5 – Procedural Stylized Pencil Case(s) + RBD Free Download

What you’ll learn
Better understand procedural modeling in Houdini with provided examples.
Increase understanding of Houdini.
Houdini’s For Each Loop.
How to randomize shape, colors, etc.
How to create Houdini Digital Asset specifically for Unreal Engine 5.
How to add Rigid Body Simulation to pencils per case.
How to create Unreal Engine 5 specific attributes (Nanite, LOD screen size).
How to create Unreal Engine 5 collision and LODs groups.
How to add vertex colors to procedural model(s).
How to create procedural pencil.
How to scatter pencils within pencil case.
How to create procedural pencil case.
How to scatter pencil cases within area bounds and randomize each case/pencil.

To adjust your expectations, I won’t be sharing source files (HDA and HIP). This is done on purpose so you can practice and get a better feel using Houdini.

My personal mission is to do my best to help people actually get a feel of Houdini and use its power. There’s no shortcut to understand something without practice.

The course is fully narrated. The only very last video is a timelapse.

Houdini is all about efficiency. You create a tool once, use it on multiple projects, and polish it to suit different tasks.

Even though the final models look simple, this course covers some common procedural modeling approaches such as randomization, for each loops, and other faced things when making procedural models. Understanding similar techniques will help to approach any other model that you need to create.

This course starts from the upper beginner level and “climbs” to the intermediate-advanced level. The course is split into small parts so it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

This course is aimed to:
– provide examples that might be used in a real-world scenario rather than creating an abstract model.
– increase your understanding of Houdini and how certain things work.
– increase your understanding of uses cases of Houdini Engine for Unreal Engine 5.

This is a project-based course where we’ll create 4 Houdini Digital Assets (HDA) that you can reuse in different projects:

1. Pencil HDA.
2. Case HDA.
3. Case + Pencil HDA (scatter pencils within the case).

4. Scatter cases with pencils within area bounds HDA.

All HDAs expect “Case HDA” will have support for Rigid Body Simulation, in other words, pencils will interact with collision geometry. I’ve created this model for my own environment project and thus decided to share my approach to creating it.

The course has 3 sections:

1. Pencil HDA creation + RBD.
2. Pencil case HDA + scattering pencil HDA within that case and randomizing pencils + RBD.
3. Scatter pencil cases, randomizing cases/pencils RBD.

Some of the lectures contain additional description with the information I missed explaining. Such as what’s the purpose of certain node(s).

Who this course is for:
Environment artists who want to speed up/automate their workflow.
Indie developers.
3D modelers from other software (Blender, C4D, 3DS Max, Maya, Modo).
Beginner Houdini users.

UdemyHoudini19.5UE5ProceduralStylizedPencilCasesRBD.part1.rar – 500.0 MB
UdemyHoudini19.5UE5ProceduralStylizedPencilCasesRBD.part2.rar – 500.0 MB
UdemyHoudini19.5UE5ProceduralStylizedPencilCasesRBD.part3.rar – 500.0 MB
UdemyHoudini19.5UE5ProceduralStylizedPencilCasesRBD.part4.rar – 500.0 MB
UdemyHoudini19.5UE5ProceduralStylizedPencilCasesRBD.part5.rar – 500.0 MB
UdemyHoudini19.5UE5ProceduralStylizedPencilCasesRBD.part6.rar – 366.5 MB