Udemy – Make A Turn Based Puzzle Game In Unreal With Blueprints & C++ Free Download

Udemy – Make A Turn Based Puzzle Game In Unreal With Blueprints & C++ Free Download

What you’ll learn
How to Make a turn based puzzle game
How to code games in Unreal Engine 5
Unreal Gameplay Frame Work
Game Design Patterns
How To Prototype with Blueprints Inside Unreal Engine
Unreal Engine Ai behavior tree
Best Practices’ for converting a blueprint project to C++
How To Convert a project with Blueprints to C++

In this course we will create a turn based puzzle game like Lara Croft Go and Hitman Go . we will start by

– Understanding the different usage of blueprints vs C++ and which one is best to use
– Understanding Unreal Engine Gameplay Framework and how these foundation class can help and speed our gameplay programming . I will talk about the Actors , Pawn , Character , Player Controller , Game Mode
-Understanding the game programming design patterns how these blueprint solutions can help our code and make it more extendable and reliable

I will talk about 7 useful patterns that include Singleton , State , Observer , Component , Command , Flyweight , Object pool

– I will talk how we can approach this game design with power point slide show
– Create our player , Node , Enemies , AI , Game Mode , Widgets in blueprints and in the end you will have fun complete playable turn based puzzle game
– if you like to code in C++ then it’s time to Convert the project to C++ . What are the best practice’s to do that and my coding style .
The purpose of this game is to enhanced and develop unreal engine users how to understand the engine gameplay framework and how to solve your gameplay programming with these design patterns and learn to prototype first then convert to C++

Who this course is for:
Unreal Engine Game Developers
Gameplay Programmers
Game Designers

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