Udemy – Master Blender NPR for Spaceship Design: A Complete Course Free Download

Udemy – Master Blender NPR for Spaceship Design: A Complete Course Free Download

What you’ll learn
Hard surface modeilng
NPR Texturing and shading
non destructive modeling

Unlock the secrets of creating stunning Non-Photorealistic Renderings (NPR) of spaceships in Blender with our comprehensive course. Designed for enthusiasts and aspiring artists alike, this course takes you on a detailed journey through the entire process of spaceship design, from initial blockouts to sophisticated NPR techniques.

Embark on a learning adventure across nine structured sections, each meticulously crafted to enhance your skills step by step. Start with the primary blocking techniques to set up your scene and align images. Progress through secondary blocking, touching upon the cockpit design and refining your model with tertiary details, including manual and procedural greeble.

Dive deep into the art of Anime shading, learning to apply it across various objects for that signature look. Master the editing of normals and UV for perfect texturing, followed by a segment dedicated to adding vivid colors to your creation. Learn the secrets behind creating compelling Anime lines using both the Freestyle method and Line Art.

The course culminates in teaching you how to set up dynamic camera shots and animate them, bringing your spaceship to life. Each lecture is designed to build on the previous, ensuring a solid understanding of Blender’s powerful NPR capabilities.

Who This Course Is For

Blender enthusiasts eager to explore NPR techniques

Aspiring digital artists interested in spaceship design

3D modelers looking to specialize in stylized renderings

Anyone curious about integrating anime aesthetics into 3D models


Basic familiarity with Blender’s interface and functions

No prior experience with NPR or spaceship modeling required

Learning Objectives

Understand and apply primary, secondary, and tertiary blocking in spaceship design

Master the Anime shading technique and apply it to 3D models

Edit normals and UV for seamless texturing

Create dynamic camera shots and animations to showcase your model

Incorporate detailed Anime lines using both Freestyle and Line Art methods

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