Udemy Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture From Scratch Free Download

Udemy Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture From Scratch Free Download

What you’ll learn
Basic Autodesk Operation and User Interface
Autodesk Revit Architecture Modeling
Improving design issues during 3D modeling
Solid experience of Revit application based on examples
Revit to Twinmotion Application

Revit is a popular tool for BIM (Building information modeling). It is an advantage for you to master it for your future as the construction industry is moving forward from 2D to 3D BIM. From the very beginning, our course will start just from 2 pieces of hand sketch drawings. Simple and rough. We will be guiding you steps-by-steps until you be able to create an impressive 3D BIM Model. Simple and exciting!

Here are the topics that we will be teaching:

Part 1: Project Set Up – Guiding you a very basic of importing images and create grid lines and datum lines.
Part 2: Modeling of Walls – Learning to model walls in 3D and add layers of finishes.
Part 3: Modeling of Floors – Learning to model floors in 3D and add layers of finishes.
Part 4: Modeling of Doors, Windows, Curtain Walls – 3D modeling of basic architecture elements.
Part 5: Modeling of Staircase, Railings, Balcony – 3D modeling of staircase and railing and some construction issues.
Part 6: Modeling of Floor Skirting, Ceiling – Floor skirting detailing and ceiling modeling.
Part 7: Modeling of Roof, Wall Profiles, Apply Paint, Rendering – Adding the roof , edit the wall, apply material and render images.
Part 8: Modeling of Furniture, Interior & Twinmotion. – We learn ID arrangement and Twinmotion.
Part 9: Producing Drawings
Part 10: Placing Rooms and Creating Rooms Schedule
Part 11: Data Scheduling (BIM: Building Information Modeling) – Extracting data from your 3D model

After completing the tutorial, you will be equipped with Revit Architecture modeling skills and also be able to use Twinmotion !

It is a great chance to improve yourself to become more competitive player in the industry.

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