Udemy Sci fi Character Creation Volume 1 Free Download

Udemy Sci fi Character Creation Volume 1 Free Download

What you’ll learn
Female Anatomy
Hardsurface Modelling
Hardsurface Sculpting
Armor Design

I’ll guide you through the full production pipeline, starting with analysing the concept and preparing our project. We’ll then jump into modeling and sculpting Saria’s anatomy, making sure that every detail is in place to create a believable and realistic character.

Next, we’ll move on to modeling her two suits – an exploration mode and a combat mode. We’ll cover everything from hard surface modeling to sculpting to ensure that both suits are production-ready and look amazing.

Who is This Course For?

This course is designed for intermediate-level students, so you should have a basic understanding of Maya and ZBrush before getting started. You’ll need to have the latest version of Maya and ZBrush or at least 2022 for both of them. At the end I will also use Unreal Engine 5 as well to prepare some nice renders.

Who is Not The Ideal Student For This Course?

This course is not designed for absolute beginners.

What Are The Requirements Or Prerequisites For Taking This Course?

I expect you to have some sort of basic Maya and zbrush experience

You should have Maya 2022 or higher, Zbrush 2022 or higher and Unreal Engine 5.

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