Udemy – Substance Painter 2023 Novice to Pro Free Download

Udemy – Substance Painter 2023 Novice to Pro Free Download

What you’ll learn
Empower Enrolled Students in Building a Strong Foundations in 3D Texturing in Substance Painter through the given Practice Models
Master the Art of 3D Texturing By Utilizing Maps such as Albedo, Roughness, Normal, Ambient Occlusion (AO), Height, and Metallic for Stunning Visuals
To Encourage Students Consistently to Think in a State of Constant Experimenting with this Powerful Texturing Software to Hold their Own Unique Texturing Style
To have a strong foundation in 3D texturing for gaming or cinematic purposes

Hello and Welcome to Substance Painter 2023 Novice to Pro!

Here we deliver a course that is both intuitive and simple in teaching you 3D texturing from beginner to advance.

Some of the things you learn are as follows :

Build a Solid Texturing Foundation in Substance Painter for 2023 by Working with Engaging Models like Sci-Fi Helmets (Low and High Rez).

We’ll Begin Your Substance Painter Adventure by introducing you to the Basics with a Low Rez Flying Saucer Model and Map Baking.

Elevate Your Artistry by Mastering the basics of Base Color Application with Fill Layers and Advanced Masking Techniques.

Building upon Our Color Manipulation Mastery from our Introduction to the Basics, we’ll explore further into Advanced Subjects like Materials and Smart Materials, Utilizing Smart Masks and Generators to establish high quality industry standard texturing

Master the Art of Smart Material Creation and Craft Unique Fill Layers from Scratch and Seamlessly Integrate with Existing Smart Materials.

Illuminate Your Texturing Techniques by Showcasing Opacity and Emissive Texture Maps, Integrated with Unity and Iray.

Bringing It All Together we demonstrate the Export Texturing Process and Integrating Models models and textures into the Unity Game Engine with Demonstrations of a Seamless Material Setup.

Learn to Accelerate Your Renders by Mastering Substance Painter’s Iray Renderer for High-Quality Results in Record Time.

Who this course is for:
Perfect for Aspiring Learners that wish to unlock their skillsets in 3D Texturing and Rendering!
Ideal for those Eager to Gain a Deeper Insight in PBR Texturing Workflow

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