Udemy – The Unreal Arsenal: Learn C++ and Unreal Engine Free Download

Udemy – The Unreal Arsenal: Learn C++ and Unreal Engine Free Download

What you’ll learn
Learn C++ programming fundamentals through simple examples and illustrations
Debugging and problem solving skills
Learn how C++ is used in real-world projects, with examples from the Unreal Engine codebase
Understand how intermediate C++ features, such as object oriented programming, inheritance and templates can be used in combination
Apply your newly acquired C++ skills to game development fundamentals in Unreal Engine

If you’re looking for a curriculum to prepare you for a job as a C++ developer, or maybe your ambition is to develop your own indie games, then this course is for you!

Intermediate C++ topics such as object oriented programming, pointers, inheritance and templates can be intimidating to some students, but I use simple examples, summaries, exercises and step by step illustrations throughout.

Learning C++ concepts in isolation by writing simple console applications is not enough – you must learn to use intermediate features in combination.

Through Unreal Engine project examples, I explain where specific language features are useful in a real world project. This will give you a much deeper understanding of those language features and not just how to use them, but why they are important to learn and remember and where they will be useful.

What will I learn?

Following the foundational modules, C++101 and C++102, you will learn to use intermediate C++ features in combination by programming game logic in Unreal Engine.

Module C++101 (fundamentals):

In this module we explore variables and variable types (an understanding of types is very important in C++).

I introduce Conditional Statements and Logical Operators (how to write decision-making logic).

Iteration statements such as the while() loop and the for() loop allow us to write logic that executes repeatedly – and we have many ways to control the looping/repetition.

Arrays (containers of variables).

Functions, debugging fundamentals, and Visual Studio tips & tricks to speed up your workflow.

Module C++102:

Object Oriented Programming: Structs, Classes, Inheritance and Polymorphism.

Pointers and References are covered in detail.

Characters are covered detail, and I also introduce the standard string class.

Debugging and Visual Studio tips & tricks.

This module also includes intermediate lessons on Templates, Smart Pointers, Callables and more.

C++ Standards Covered:


The course also includes lectures on C language features that are used (or can be used) in C++.

C++20 lessons are planned for a future release – the standard is not widely adopted yet.

More lessons are planned for this course, including the STL, exception handling, and many more.

For the Unreal Engine 5 content, I begin by introducing the fundamentals of the engine, followed by a simple C++ project where we will apply those fundamentals and also learn a few new things along the way.

Whether you have no programming experience, or are already familiar with a programming language and want to learn how to code game logic in Unreal Engine 5 with C++, this course is for you!

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