Udemy – Ultimate Intermediate Unreal Engine 5 FPS Course Free Download

Udemy – Ultimate Intermediate Unreal Engine 5 FPS Course Free Download

What you’ll learn
Learn the basics of shooter games in Unreal Engine 5 Blueprint Visual Scripting
Create UI Widgets in Unreal Motion Graphics
Utilize Animation Blueprints and Animation State Machines to Control the Movement of your Player Character and Enemy AI
Create a class system for your weapons and Enemy AI
Learn to create a AAA style Grenade in Blueprint Visual Script in Unreal Engine 5
Create a Scoped Weapon
Make your Player Character: Jump, Sprint, Crouch, Walk, Shoot, Throw Grenades, Pick up Grenades, Pick up Ammo, Reload

Thank you for looking into my course. If you choose to purchase the course, I will be available to answer your questions and assist on the official Udemy chat boards and private direct messages.

The course covers the basics of an FPS game in Standalone mode in Unreal Engine 5.1.

If you do not choose to use Unreal Engine 5.1, please let me know that when you choose to ask for support so that I can better assist you. I highly recommend and it is recommended for this course to use Unreal Engine 5.1 or 5.2, NOT 5.0. Unreal Engine 5.0 uses an antiquated user player control input scheme and it is no longer the primary method.

You will learn the new user player control input scheme in this tutorial and how to set it up for a First Person Shooter game, one where the player is behind a gun and eliminates enemy artificial intelligence, which we will learn the basics of in this tutorial. The player can, run from, be shot by, be grenade-attack(ed), and can be killed, by the enemy.

The player will be able to restart the game once dead, return to the main menu, or quit the game.

Once at the main menu, the player can quit the game or open the main play map.

Thanks for considering the course, its a great developer’s tool in my opinion.

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