Udemy – Unity 3D: Create a first person character Free Download

Udemy – Unity 3D: Create a first person character Free Download

What you’ll learn
Create a 3D first person character
Learn about adding sounds
Learn how to raycast
Create scripts to interact with environment

Good to have some prior knowledge
Desire to learn
Latest unity installed

Learn to create your very first person character. Learn about shaders, scriptable objects and more. You will learn:Create a 3D First Person characterLearn how to add Flashlight to your character. Learn how to add sound to your game. Use the asset store to download assets for your project.Learn how you can export your assets/code and use them in your future projects!Who this course is for:Beginner level Unity developers who wants to learn more about unity programming.Why Learn Game Development with Unity?There is a high demand for Unity DevelopersThe gaming industry is a $100+ billion industry worldwide.Unity is the most widely used engine today to develop games across multiple platforms (Mobile, iOS, VR, etc)Game development is a fun, exciting and a rewarding careerWhy learn from me ?I have a strong passion for creating games with Unity. I started learning from professionals on Udemy and I have done more than 10 projects totally. The different games I have created are several stunning 2D and 3D games. Some of them are of commercial quality. With this course, I want to share my passion and help others to get started creating games in Unity. I also have some experience of Unreal game development and the Blueprint system.

Who this course is for
Unity 3D Beginners

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