Udemy – Unity C# | Learn Game Development | Make Online Games From 0 Free Download

Udemy – Unity C# | Learn Game Development | Make Online Games From 0 Free Download

What you’ll learn
Thanks to this course, he will be able to produce his own play.
He will have a solid CV for the companies.
He will be able to make his own online game.
Will have knowledge about C# software language.
He will have learned the Unity game engine.
3D Modeling Will Be Learned.
Learn to Make Animation.

Important Notice = There will be more than one video lesson per day in this course. You can contact the educator if you have not been added and request to be added.

Thanks to this course, you will now be a complete expert in the world of game development. In our course, we explain the logic of game development with everything from A to Z, and we ensure that there are no questions in your mind by giving examples on the narratives and applying them in practice. Even if there are questions, 24/7 communication with the trainer is provided. Not just in-course games! It is a course that will also help you on behalf of the games you have started to develop yourself.

In our course, we will train the most sought-after people of game development.

Our course includes

– C# Basics and many details to know
– Unity Library
– Modeling
– Making an online FPS game
– Online game logic
– Design Patterns (Content that provides us a lot of convenience in the software part)
– FPS Game Mechanics
– Car Game Mechanics
– HyperCasual Game Mechanics
– In short, you will find everything about game development in this course.

Not just game software and ready-made models! We also make our own models and create our game by adding animation in our own game.

In short, this course will teach both modeling and software. It will help you, my dear friends.

We use the Unity Game Engine in our course. For modeling, we use the AutoDesk Maya program.

So why these programs?

Unity is currently the best game engine that can already be considered the best. The majority of mobile games are developed on this Game Engine. Its content is an engine that facilitates 2D and 3D game development. With its own game development learning packages, it has made its name known to the whole game development world.

Maya is currently the best modeling program. Pixar company makes cartoon models and animations through this program. It is a very high quality and easy to use program.

Now it’s time to realize the game of your dreams! Come on then, join us.

Don’t you want to make your dream game? You are in the right place.

Everyone who takes the course is given course content and effects and models for the games they start to develop themselves.

Who this course is for:
Those with enthusiasm and desire for game development.
Those who want to own their own online game and earn an income from it.
Those Who Want to Learn Modeling

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