Udemy – Unity Engine intro for absolute beginners! Free Download

Udemy – Unity Engine intro for absolute beginners! Free Download

What you’ll learn
Downloading Unity Hub and installing a Unity Engine version
Navigating the Scene and Game windows in Unity
Using the Hierarchy, Inspector and Project windows
Using the Console for debugging
Using the Profiler to learn more about the game’s performance
Making game builds and run them

In this course, we will take a first look at the Unity Engine. We’ll go through the very basics, such as the most common windows and how to import assets into your game folders, as well as make a build for testing. There will be no programming this time, and you will not leave the course having made a complete game. What you will have is a solid foundation to build on when you keep learning!

Included in the course is:

Downloading the Unity Hub
Intro to the Unity Hub
Intro to the Scene window, including manipulating game objects in the scene
Moving around in the scene window
Repositioning game object
Rotating game objects
Scaling game objects
Intro to the Game window
How does it correlate to the Scene window?
Testing the game in-engine
Looking at the scene Hierarchy
Parent/child relations
Creating “folders” for structure
Changing game objects using the Inspector
Active/Inactive objects
Setting Tags
Object name
Going through the Transform component
Adding other predefined components, such as a RigidBody
Intro to the Project window
Importing assets into your game folders using the Assets folder
Adding a material to a 3D object
Adding a texture to a material
A quick look at shaders
Using the Console to debug code
Looking at the Profiler, and how it’s used to measure the game’s performance
Building the game
A quick look at the many build options
Testing the game outside the engine

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