Udemy – Unreal 5 Materials – Part 1 Environments Free Download

Udemy – Unreal 5 Materials – Part 1 Environments Free Download

What you’ll learn
Have a holistic understanding of the Material Editor in Unreal 5
Learn best practices and workflows for using Functions and producing optimal Materials
Explore how to use Data from elsewhere in the Engine to build dynamic materials
Apply all the base knowledge to Environmental examples, such as Landscapes and Vertex Painting

Part 1 of this course covers a holistic overview of the Material Editor in Unreal 5 – from Material Types and Blend Modes to individual Math Nodes and Input Data, focusing on not just the How to do things but also the Why and looking at the underlying logic and math behind what the engine is doing. Covering how to build up your own Material Functions and build that into your workflow to produce powerful and flexible Materials. We also take a deep dive into UV’s – how they work in the engine and how we can take that knowledge and produce effects such as Distortion, Animation, and Parallax Occlusion Mapping.

Part 2 of the course then takes this knowledge and applies it to Environmental Materials, covering:

Master Materials and some best practices in how to build them,

Decals and their various blend modes – as well as more complex effects such as Angle Based Masking and Custom Decal responses,

Vertex Painting to blend between material types,

various approaches to make Landscape Materials and using RVTs to blend objects into them,

the new Layered Materials system

how to use Input Data to automate variation in materials and create angle based effects such as Snow.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to learn how to make Materials in Unreal 5

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