Udemy – Unreal 5 Materials – Part 4 Post Process Materials Free Download

Udemy – Unreal 5 Materials – Part 4 Post Process Materials Free Download

What you’ll learn
Learn industry standard best practices for Post Process Materials in Unreal 5
Understand the different components of the Scene Texture node and what buffers are available
Build up a library of Realtime Blurs and Distortions to replicate real world photography effects
Replicate multiple real world effects, such as Underwater and Night Vision shaders

Welcome to Part 4 of my complete Unreal Engine 5 Materials Course, here on Udemy. Following on from Part 1 – Environmental Materials and Part 2 – Animated Foliage Materials with World Position Offset and Part 3 – Visual Effects Materials, this course looks at Post Process Materials – using Scene Textures to create full screen effects for your scenes. Over the course of 4 hours, all broken down into bite size 10-15 min videos, we cover everything from the basics of Post Process, Scene Textures, Depth based Effects and full example Materials for things like Underwater, Night Vision and Stylised Hand Drawn shaders.

Each chapter contains many worked examples, full of handy comments, as well as a corresponding video lecture that explains in detail what is being done and why – so you’re learning both the techniques and building up a base of background knowledge of first principal concepts, allowing you to build up your own shaders in future.

With industry standard practices from my 15 year career, including 5 years of teaching Game Art at a Masters Degree level, this course will cover various uses of Post Process Materials – Basics, Scene Depth, Blurs and Distortions, Material Effects, Underwater, Night Vision, Sobel Edge Detection, Fake Lighting and Stylised Hand Drawn effects.

Who this course is for:
Any one looking to learn more about Realtime Post Process shaders

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