Udemy – Unreal Engine 5.4 : Motion Design Free Download

Udemy – Unreal Engine 5.4 : Motion Design Free Download

What you’ll learn
Complete guide to motion design in Unreal Engine 5.4
Using motion design in unreal engine 5.4 to create motion graphics
Logo Animation
Text animations
Typography animation
Creating and animating splines
Cloner and effectors

Unreal engine 5.4 is released and it has new motion design tools,

The best thing is that every thing is in real time, there is no rendering, no waiting.

everything you create , you can play it in real time, this is a big deal for motion graphic artists who are tired of rendering.

Although motion design is new in unreal engine 5.4, but it has almost all the tools to create basic to intermediate motion graphics.

We will start looking at the user interface of motion design, then we will cover the all the tools provided in this plugin,

Then we will move to how to use animators presets to speedup your workflow. then we will use the most common tool in motion graphics which is the Cloner and effectors.

And this is what we are going to cover in the course,

You will learn everything about motion design in Unreal engine 5.4,

Like how to use splines to create animated logo,

You will learn how to create motion graphics using the cloner tool and effectors.

How to create 2d animations,

How to create typography animations using 2d shapes.

How to use animation presets.

How to use 3d text transform, like animating each letter separately.

How to use the material designer inside motion design.

Creating animated motion background

Creating niagara particles and combine it with the motion graphics.

and much more.

So let’s get started

Who this course is for:
Beginner Unreal Engine users and game developers
Unreal Engine users who want to learn how to create motion graphics in unreal engine 5.4
Motion graphic designers who want to learn how to create motion graphics in Unreal Engine 5.4

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