Udemy – Unreal Engine 5 C++: Climbing System Free Download

Udemy – Unreal Engine 5 C++: Climbing System Free Download

What you’ll learn
Use custom character movement component to extend the movement logic
Learn all sorts of important math concepts like dot product/cross product for climbing calculation
Use control rig to add root motion to mixamo animation
Use control rig to adjust mixamo animation
Understand the animation logic behind animation blueprint
Utilize control rig for hand and feet IK
Make use of motion warping for advanced character movement
Create custom algorithms for ledge and floor detection
Build a robust climbing system with clean and extendable code
Create custom algorithms for different climbing condition check

Welcome to Unreal Engine 5 C++ Climbing System, in this course, you’ll learn how to build a robust climbing system completely from scratch with a deep understanding of how to handle the climb physics, create climb locomotion, climb up and down the ledge, hand and leg IK using control rig, vaulting mechanics, hopping capabilities and a range of other exciting features for a robust climbing experience.

In the first section, we’ll look into how we can handle the movement for our climbing , and start with a new enhanced input with a custom movement component to handle the basic climbing logic. Then we’ll go over how to use different traces to get hold of all the climbable surface info we need, and handle all the physics code needed in order for us to move our character in a custom movement mode. Once we have a working physics, we’re gonna process all the climbable surface info and calculate the velocity and rotation for our climbing.

In the second section, we’re gonna take care of climbing up, climbing down, climbing to the left, climbing to the right, climb up the ledge, climb down the ledge, enter and exit the climb state. We’ll begin with a charcter anim instance class in C++ and rebuiding our existing animation blueprint. Then we’ll go through the mixamo animation pipeline and look at how we can make use of mixamo converter to retarget animation. Next, we’ll handle the climb locomotion and create our own algorithms to check if we have reached the floor or the ledge.

In the third section, we’ll build a control rig for our hand and leg IK to fix the placement issue when we are climbing, and we’ll dive into motion warping and enhanced input system to implement features like vaulting and hopping. We’ll start with a handy climb IK trace function in our control rig, and dynamically adjust the position of our hands and feet based on the surface. Then we’ll go into motion warping and create more algorithms to check which surface is vaultable, and dynamically set our target point during runtime. After we have fully functional vaulting mechanics, we’ll dive deep into enhanced input system and look at how we can use it to create a two key action that only be triggered during climbing.

Who this course is for:
Learners who want to create climbing system
Learners who want to understand vector math
Learners who want to use control rig for animations
Learners who want to write clean, extendable code

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