Udemy – Unreal Engine 5 for Beginners Building a tiny Resource Game Free Download

Udemy – Unreal Engine 5 for Beginners Building a tiny Resource Game Free Download

What you’ll learn
Basic understanding of Unreal Engine 5
Implement custom behavior for game object using Unreal Engine 5 blueprints
Using object orientation concepts in Unreal Engine 5 blueprints
Importing and using assets like meshes and animations in Unreal 5
Collision detection, handling of user Input in Unreal 5 using the new Enhanced Input System
Building User Interfaces in Unreal 5

In this course, we will develop a tiny resource gathering game inspired by famous series like “Anno” or “The Settlers” using Epic’s fantastic Unreal Engine in Version 5.1. No worries: All lessons have been tested on Version 5.2 as well!

We will create a simple building placement system and we will have workers like lumbers and masons looking for resources, gathering them and bringing them back home for processing. The resources will be available to build more stuff and so on.

At the end, we will have 3 resources: gold, wood and stone – gold will be collected in form of taxes paid by citizens living in houses, wood will be collected by lumbers and stone will be collected by masons. Resources like a tree will deplete after some harvesting and the lumber will look for the next tree nearby to continue harvesting.

We will be using some nice, colorful 3D models from the permanently free section of Epic’s market place as well as animations available for free on Mixamo.

All programming will be done using Unreal’s blueprint editor system. All coding will be done from scratch and we will use highly flexible approaches to have a cool and expandable base system that can easily be extended to other resources, more complex multi-step production chains, etc.

There’s no prior coding or Unreal experience needed to follow and understand the lessons, some basic knowledge of programming concepts like collections, loops, if-branches and some understanding of vector math will surely help though.

You should have access to a reasonable modern and fast computer (running either Windows or Mac OS) as Unreal Engine need some decent computing power to run smoothly.

Who this course is for:
People that always wanted to get into Game Development with Unreal Engine but don’t want to write a first-person shooter game 🙂

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