Web Sharpen Pro 3.8.5 [WIN]

Web Sharpen Pro 3.8.5What’s included?

  • A simple UXP panel interface for Photoshop to create JPG exports for sharing to your website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • The panel gives you a simple way to export an image in just a few clicks, while taking care of all critical steps such as resizing, sharpening, cropping, adding optional film grain, converting to the sRGB (or P3) colorspace, optimized JPG compression, adding copyright information, removing sensitive metadata, and naming the new image to make the settings and intended usage clear.
  • Quick export settings for simple exports and overlay templates to support advanced exports and save settings with the master original file.
  • The Pro panel includes bulk export to process an unlimited number of images in one step. ***
  • The Pro panel includes numerous additional quick export and overlay templates for output to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, 4k, 1080p, fixed aspect ratios, full resolution, etc. ***
  • The Pro panel includes template editors so you can make your own quick export settings and advanced overlays. ***
  • The Pro panel includes numerous advanced features, such as automatic cropping, custom watermarksletterboxing to export the entire image in a way that fits specific size requirements, automatically protect the sky from sharpening grain, content-aware fill to expand images when needed, create a single mask for targeted sharpening/grain with multiple overlays in the same image, organizing exports into sub-folders, and more flexible options for using templates. ***
  • The Pro panel also includes numerous advanced overlay features, such as automatic letterboxing, saving the grain and sharpening settings with the overlay, slicing the output into multiple images (rows and columns, such as for posting to Instagram stories), and rotating the final output. ***