Wedding Sniper by Frankie Costa

Wedding Sniper by Frankie Costa

Wedding Sniper by Frankie Costa

I was recently talking to photographer Frankie Costa about his lectures and workshops on the Wedding Sniper tour, which has already gone through more than 10 countries and here in Brazil has ministered more than 15 times on the subject.



What is Wedding Sniper?
For those who don’t know, Frankie had a military career and when he became a wedding photographer, he brought some strategic lessons, which would be very useful in wedding photography and essential in his style of photography.

The working methodology for a Wedding Sniper is to carry little equipment, move quickly and make the right click, because in weddings we often don’t have time.

In his workshops and lectures he discusses some important issues for a wedding photographer, even if they are not so discussed:

How to photograph without fear and improve your career;
The power of shadows;
How to shoot a wedding by yourself with just a 50mm lens;
When we talked, I asked if he would not be interested in bringing these lessons to the readers of Talking Photo and also to everyone who needs to see wedding photography in a different way, recording his courses, workshops and creating an exclusive area for “Snipers”.

I always thought his methodology was different and I’m sure many would be interested in understanding a little more about how a wedding sniper thinks.

Frankie has photographed weddings in over 10 countries and as CEO of Inspiration Photographers, he knows how photographers around the world behave when shooting.

This is a DIFFERENTIATED knowledge and I thought it would be very important for you who follow Falando de Foto.

Wedding Sniper Frankie Costa Shadows

The “area of concentration for photographers” is being born
As I write this article – it may be that when you’re reading, the project is already on the air – we are preparing all the content and the exclusive website Wedding Sniper.

The “concentration camp” will have all the content that Frankie Costa has already ministered here in Brazil and also in other countries. A mix of practical classes, with lectures and workshops, a complete project for wedding photographers who want to improve in the following areas:

Face fear and extract the best photographer in you;
Increase your creativity and awareness with less equipment;
Make better use of your ability as a photographer;
Think strategically during the wedding to improve its use;
And more as new classes come out.

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