Zaxwerks 3D Flag v4.0.0 CE for AE CC Free Download

Zaxwerks 3D Flag v4.0.0 CE for AE CC Free Download

Create Graceful Flags

Zaxwerks 3D Flag is a plug-in for Adobe After Effects that turns any picture, comp or movie into a realistic animated flag. The motion of the flag is based on physics so keyframes are not needed to get realistic motion.


3D Flag banner

When you want a very special introduction or backdrop, nothing makes it look more special than a majestic flag.

The cloth of the flag responds to wind, gravity and the movement of the pole.

  • Apply different pictures on the front and back of the cloth
  • Play movies on the cloth
  • Create looping animations of any length
  • Create curtains, roll-down and drop-down animations
  • Keyframable wind speed, wind direction, and gravity
  • Animate the position of the poles to wave your flag!
  • 3D Flag Poles that look like wood, steel, etc. and respond to the After Effects Camera
  • Comes with a wide variety of caps for the top and stands for the bottoms of the flag poles
  • Ability to make your own caps and stands


  • 25 Times Faster Rendering with Reactor Rendering Engine
  • Realistic Shadows
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Image-Based Lighting
  • Rotating Reflection Maps
  • New Dark Interface
  • Interaction Improvements
  • After Effects CC 2015 Compatibility