Alexey Dovgulya – Photography and Processing

Alexey Dovgulya – Photography and Processing

Alexey Dovgulya – Photography and Processing the technique of creating representative photographs for magazines and booklets, outdoor and banner advertisements, by visiting an online master class on image shooting and retouching on the street.

Live broadcast filming from the other side of the world? Bright tropics with lots of sun and greenery? A gorgeous bikini model, barely understanding at least a word in Russian? Light breeze, silk water of the pool and sweat-wet Alexey Dovgulya setting up the equipment to get that same light? This is only possible with us: Profile holds the first “visiting master class” for anyone who wants to shoot in tropical countries or wants to pump universal skills to work with a complex light. The scene of action is Southeast Asia. The task is to create an image street photo shoot for the “from a to z” model.

We will show all the nuances associated with the equipment that you need to bring and adjust, location, model, position of the sun and weather. You will see with your own eyes exactly how image-taking is carried out in hot countries, learn the standards for creating successful image-related photo shoots and the author’s retouching cycle, which will be appropriate for such series. Alexey will explain each step and warn of the appearance of many problems during street shooting: he shot under the sun of Los Angeles and Singapore, under the thunderclouds of Moscow and even in the snows of Siberia. He knows exactly how to act in one way or another, and will share his experience with you.

Language: Russian

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