Artstation – Skin Details Kit V1.3 Free Download

Artstation – Skin Details Kit V1.3 Free Download

I’ve put together my brushes and textures for creating skin detail to share with you. This kit is all I use to create the final skin details for my digital characters. I spent time over the course of several projects to create these assets by hand and build a kit I could use to create the kind of aesthetic I like and now you can use them too.

Included in the kit:

10 Zbrush Brushes
7 2048×2048 16-bit Tiling Textures
3 Video Demos on how I use them
For use with

Marmoset Toolbag
Substance Painter
Save a little time and use these assets I’ve made to help bring your own characters to life.

ArtstationSkinDetailsKitv1.3.part1.rar – 350.0 MB
ArtstationSkinDetailsKitv1.3.part2.rar – 350.0 MB
ArtstationSkinDetailsKitv1.3.part3.rar – 350.0 MB
ArtstationSkinDetailsKitv1.3.part4.rar – 305.6 MB