Ashlyn Mae – Transform Workshop

Ashlyn Mae – Transform Workshop

Ashlyn Mae – Transform Workshop
Learn how to create vibrant, memorable images using a variety of editing techniques including hand-editing and other editing resources!
You will learn how to eliminate distractions, think creatively about your images and add rich, luscious tones to your photos. I will walk you through THREE edits (shown in image) from start to finish via streamed videos that you can watch at your own pace.

All edits in this workshop are demonstrated in Photoshop CS6 (other than a quick Lightroom Base Edit Demonstration), and each concept can be used in Photoshop CC & Photoshop Elements. Below are topics covered in this workshop: ✓ Eliminating Distractions

✓ Adding Snow to Ground ✓ Smoothing the Background

✓ Cool Tones ✓ Adding Mist/Fog

✓ Warm Skin Tones ✓ Richness & Color Pop

✓ Adding a Sky ✓ Adding Light

✓ Beautiful Light with Lens Flare Overlays ✓ Removing Dark Circles & Blemishes

✓ Creating Dramatic Depth ✓ Dodging & Burning

✓ Color Toning

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