AXIS Quick Retouch Kit 3.0 Free Download

AXIS Quick Retouch Kit 3 Crack Free Download

AXIS Quick Retouch Kit 3.0
Professional retouching in a few minutes! A set of actions for photoshop, which includes more than 65 action games created for fast and professional photo retouching. This set was created in order to speed up and simplify the process of retouching so that its quality does not suffer. Before you is the third version of the set, which was created in 2016 and is up to date updated and improved. This set is the fruit of many years of work by the developer and all users who, thanks to their feedback, helped to improve and update the set. With Quick Retouch Kit action you can really retouch in 5 minutes!

Skin Retouch
Creating a quick skin mask
Creating a quick skin mask for two
Auto retouch of male and female portrait
Auto retouch portrait
Medium retouching
General retouching
Skin Smoothing – 4 Types (NEW TYPE ADDED)
Artificial leather texture
Skin tone change
Red removal
Remove shine
Pore removal
Lip Retouch
Teeth whitening
Lip saturation
Change lipstick color
Lip gloss
Lip enhancement + shine
Color correction
Auto removal of parasitic shades with photos
Auto white balance
Auto contrast
Minimalism of color (ADDED NEW)
Cold Tint (NEW ADDED)
Warm toning (NEW ADDED)
Black and White (ADDED NEW)
Eye Retouch
Protein clarification
Strengthening the iris
Iris texture
Change eye color
Sharpness of eyelashes and eyebrows
Removing circles under the eyes
Removing circles under eyes 2 (ADDE
Increase saturation
Auto volume
Fast volume
Local contrast
Add contrast
Soften the contrast
Sharpening (3 types)
Chromatic aberration removal (2 types)
Moire removal
Dust removal
Rapid increase / decrease exposure
Vignette (ADDED NEW)
Technical action games
Quickly create a group “Retouch”
Quick save and close
And this is not a complete list of action games!