Big Data Analytics With Pyspark + Tableau Desktop + Mongodb Free Download

Big Data Analytics With Pyspark + Tableau Desktop + Mongodb Free Download

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Integrating Big Data Processing tools with Predictive Modeling and Visualization with Tableau Desktop

What you’ll learn

Tableau Data Visualization

PySpark Programming

Data Analysis

Data Transformation and Manipulation

Big Data Machine Learning

Geo Mapping with Tableau

Geospatial Machine Learning

Creating Dashboards


Basic Understanding of Python

Little or no understanding of GIS

Basic understanding of Programming concepts

Basic understanding of Data

Basic understanding of what Machine Learning is


Welcome to the Big Data Analytics with PySpark + Tableau Desktop + MongoDB course. In this course we will be creating a big data analytics solution using big data technologies like PySpark for ETL, MLlib for Machine Learning as well as Tableau for Data Visualization and for building Dashboards.We will be working with earthquake data, that we will transform into summary tables. We will then use these tables to train predictive models and predict future earthquakes. We will then analyze the data by building reports and dashboards in Tableau Desktop.Tableau Desktop is a powerful data visualization tool used for big data analysis and visualization. It allows for data blending, real- analysis and collaboration of data. No programming is needed for Tableau Desktop, which makes it a very easy and powerful tool to create dashboards apps and reports.MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database, used for high volume data storage. It stores data in JSON like format called documents, and does not use row/column tables. The document model maps to the objects in your application code, making the data easy to work with.You will learn how to create data processing pipelines using PySparkYou will learn machine learning with geospatial data using the Spark MLlib libraryYou will learn data analysis using PySpark, MongoDB and TableauYou will learn how to manipulate, clean and transform data using PySpark dataframesYou will learn how to create Geo Maps in Tableau DesktopYou will also learn how to create dashboards in Tableau Desktop


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Setup and Installations

Lecture 2 Python Installation

Lecture 3 Installing Apache Spark

Lecture 4 Installing Java (Optional)

Lecture 5 Testing Apache Spark Installation

Lecture 6 Installing MongoDB

Lecture 7 Installing NoSQL Booster for MongoDB

Section 3: Data Processing with PySpark and MongoDB

Lecture 8 Integrating PySpark with Jupyter Notebook

Lecture 9 Data Extraction

Lecture 10 Data Transformation

Lecture 11 Loading Data into MongoDB

Section 4: Machine Learning with PySpark and MLlib

Lecture 12 Data Pre-processing

Lecture 13 Building the Predictive Model

Lecture 14 Creating the Prediction Dataset

Section 5: Creating the Data Pipeline Scripts

Lecture 15 Installing Visual Studio Code

Lecture 16 Creating the PySpark ETL Script

Lecture 17 Creating the Machine Learning Script

Section 6: Tableau Data Visualization

Lecture 18 Installing Tableau

Lecture 19 Installing MongoDB ODBC Drivers

Lecture 20 Creating a System DSN for MongoDB

Lecture 21 Loading the Data Sources

Lecture 22 Creating a Geo Map

Lecture 23 Creating a Bar Chart

Lecture 24 Creating a Magnitude Chart

Lecture 25 Creating a Table Plot

Lecture 26 Creating a Dashboard

Section 7: Source Code and Notebook

Lecture 27 Source Code and Notebook

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