Blendermarket – Vegetation Pro 5 and Botanig Full 6.5.0 Free Download

Blendermarket – Vegetation Pro 5 and Botanig Full 6.5.0 Free Download

The incredible 4 seasons function allows you to create landscapes under the snow or in summer, but also autumn and spring. It’s the most realistic 3d models ever created close to the real ones. They were created using different techniques. Use of HD and PBR textures for incredible renderings in seconds. You can also make animation with branches and leaves. Add more moss to your trees… But above all, this library is optimized for Blender.

And we are still working hard on the project, we will bring new vegetation to life regularly; but also new features, trees and assets.


Animated tree !

Make the branches of the tree move, but also the leaves thanks to the animation functions! With a few clicks create incredible animations of trees and manage the force of the wind or use the presets included in the addon.

Beautiful and easy interface

An easy-to-learn interface, Built for maximum productivity and rapidity. Without compromising on quality! A dedicated add-on to manage your trees and plants.

Snap tree to ground

Place your trees on the surface of your ground with just one-click!

4 Seasons

This is the most amazing feature! Import each plants and trees in the season you want. 4 times more possibility with incredibly realistic and professional shaders.

– Summer: the tree is bushy; the leaves are green and dense.

– Spring; the leaves are less dense, there are fewer leaves, the color is duller.

– Autumn; the leaves are yellow and translucent.

– Winter: the leaves are…gone (but you can leave a few if you wish) the trunk becomes darker because it is wet, and snow appears on the trunk

Botaniq Full-6.5.0
Tree library botaniq is an ever-expanding library of optimized & realistic 3D vegetation – mostly trees and grass. It features a variety of Trees, Grass, Flowers, Weeds, Ferns, Ivy, Palms, Succulents, Shrubs, Weeds, Plants, Pots, Rocks, Lilypads, and Garden assets for Architectural Visualization, Environmental Design, Rendering Forests, Landscaping, or any other scenes that could use a bit of varied greenery.

Blendermarket – Botanig Full 6.5.0.part1.rar – 2.9 GB
Blendermarket – Botanig Full 6.5.0.part2.rar – 1.2 GB

Blendermarket – Vegetation Pro 5.part1.rar – 2.9 GB
Blendermarket – Vegetation Pro 5.part2.rar – 772.8 MB