Capture One Course: Road to Mastery

Capture One Course: Road to Mastery

 Capture One Course: Road to Mastery
In this course I will teach all the things I have learned in my professional career as a Digital Operator, providing digital workflows to some of the leading photographers in the industry and pass on my years of experience working in this highly demanding environment.

    Learn the Ins & Outs of all the Tools and create beautiful Color Grading
We will be covering all the basics like the difference between working in a catalog and a session, so you can find out what is better suited for your way of working. I will teach you the advantages and disadvantages of the tools Capture One provides and you will learn to achieve more control and feeling by employing those not so common ways of going about image editing.

Create the most organised File Structures
Along the way we will establish ways to create highly organised file systems for your RAW images and your final file export.

Tether like a Professional
I will show you customised ways for improving your tethering workflow in speed and effectiveness, making you more confident shooting in to Capture One without any hassle and become prepared for possible troubleshooting.

This course is for anyone no matter if you’re looking to improve as a hobbyist or if you are a working professional.