Chaos V-Ray 6.00.04 for Cinema 4D Free Download

Chaos V-Ray 6.00.04 for Cinema 4D Free Download

Chaos V-Ray 6.00.04 (x64) for Cinema 4D R21-2023 | 2.52 GB

Professional 3D rendering software for Cinema 4D artists and designers. V-Ray® for Cinema 4D puts industry-standard technology for photorealistic 3D rendering into the hands of Cinema 4D artists and designers. With smart tools and powerful rendering capabilities, Chaos V-Ray’s combination of speed and creative control is perfect for any project.

Bring ideas to life
With V-Ray’s complete set of lighting, shading, Emmy and Academy Award-winning rendering tools, you can bring any idea to life.

Built to handle it all
Built to handle your biggest projects, including scenes with massive amounts of geometry and thousands of lights.

Get the job done with ease
Artist-friendly tools and an intuitive interface help you work smarter, making it easy to get the job done.

Render fast
V-Ray’s GPU and CPU rendering capabilities bring a speed boost to any production. With fast interactive rendering, you’ll see the changes to your scene rendered on the fly.

Ready to scale
Harness the power of multiple computers to render high-resolution images with V-Ray’s distributed rendering. Or take your rendering to the cloud with direct access to Chaos® Cloud.

Go beyond rendering
V-Ray is more than a renderer. Its powerful tools allow you create worlds and post-process renders without separate applications interrupting your creative process.

What’s new

Get total creative freedom with V-Ray 6.
Easily add stickers, labels, and other details to any surface with V-Ray Decal. Create detailed geometric surfaces at no extra memory cost with Enmesh, or craft the perfect sky for your environment with procedural clouds. Control the size of a dome light with the new finite mode. Render particles such as bubbles, sparks, fireflies, and more. Use ACEScg for industry-standard color workflows. And much more.

Create without limits.
Explore your boldest ideas with tools that let you create anything imaginable.

V-Ray Decal
Add anything from stickers and labels to cracks, stains, and scratches in just a few clicks. Project V-Ray Decals onto surfaces at any angle without extra UVW work or disturbing the underlying materials. Turn on displacement for even more realism.

V-Ray Enmesh
Tile 3D geometry patterns across objects to create complex surfaces with lots of detail for stunning close-up shots. Enmesh is ideal for creating intricate panels, fences, fabrics, and so much more, and it uses much less memory than displacement or copying by hand.

Procedural clouds
Create the perfect sky for your environment in just a few clicks with V-Ray Sun and Sky’s new procedural clouds system. Easily simulate a variety of cloud types and weather conditions, from partly cloudy to overcast. Render realistic stills, or dynamic timelapses.

Particle rendering support
Quickly render particles based on different conditions such as size, speed, color, and many more. Achieve a wide variety of effects — from splashes and foam to bubbles and sparks.

Enhance your workflow.
Make faster decisions, use industry-standard color workflows, and more.

ACEScg support
Use ACEScg for industry-standard color workflows. Render with automatic color space adjustment for textures, dispersion, sun & sky, and light temperature colors.

Finite Dome light mode
Elevate your product design and HDRI renders with the new, more flexible ground projection capabilities of the V-Ray Dome Light. Control the size of a dome light and blend settings with the new finite mode.

Light Cache in Interactive
Make better decisions while iterating designs with V-Ray’s Interactive Renderer output now being identical to the production renderer.

Faster rendering
V-Ray Environment Fog now renders even quicker than before. Translucent material rendering is also faster thanks to V-Ray Material’s brand-new Illumination mode.

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