Class101 – Create Cute 3D Illustration with Blender Free Download

Class101 – Create Cute 3D Illustration with Blender Free Download

Have you ever wanted to get your feet on the 3D world but felt too overwhelmed to start? Learning 3D can be very complicated, particularly when there are so many specialized programs for each area of 3D and there is no clear guide on where to start.

Besides being a very complete program, Blender is 100% free, which means it’s perfect for anyone starting out, as it doesn’t require any financial investment. All add-ons that are part of my process are also free. I’ll be showing my process on how I create Cute 3D Illustrations for Commissions, Social Media Content, Games, and so on.

Join me in this class where I’ll introduce you to Blender with a hands-on approach in which you will be able to produce your own 3D art!
If you tried learning 3D on your own before, you will know that 3D involves a lot of steps on the pipeline to get a single model done. There are a lot of technical rules to be followed to create a model that will perform properly for animations or game-ready assets, which implies a very steep learning curve for beginners. So from personal experience, I know it can be very frustrating!

But don’t worry! If your goal is Static Illustrations or 3D Concept Art, you don’t really need to go through all the hassle mentioned above! What I offer in this class is a more specific approach to artists and hobbyists, who wants to enrich their Illustrations skills and offer a more versatile art style. I can show you a better and faster way!
nder (Graphics Tablet Recommended)

Class101CreateCute3DIllustrationwithBlender.part1.rar – 400.0 MB
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