Color Theory – Learn how to properly use colors

Color Theory – Learn how to properly use colors

Color Theory – Learn how to properly use colors

Do struggling with colors while designing? Don’t worry. By the end of this course, you will know exactly how to use colors instead figuring out through trial and error.

Hello there. My name is Talha and I’m a graphic design instructor. I had been working with colors all my life; in drawing, on websites and in my graphic designs but I never really knew why some colors worked better while others didn’t until I got to know about color theory.

And don’t worry, I won’t bore you with definition and slides. I have explained everything in the course by using real life examples which to be honest mostly include movie posters.

We will start off by learning about the very basics of colors theory.

  • What are the uses and meanings of different colors including warm and cool colors.
  • How men and women see colors and different properties of color.
  • We will then learn about color wheel and how to decide which colors to use by using color harmonies.
  • We will also learn about different websites like Adobe Colors and Coolers etc. for analyzing and generating color pallets for your designs.
  • We will learn different concepts like color interactions, grey scale test and 60:30:10 rules etc to make sure that our decided colors work properly with each other.
  • Lastly, we will dissect Skillshare to see which colors are they using on their website and why?

So, who is this course for?

You could be a graphic designer, an animator, web designer or an artist. Basically, this course is for everyone who uses color.

There is also a project at the end of this course so that you would implement everything which you will learned in the course. So, kindly download the project file from the link below.