Create and Sell Digital Art using AI [Passive Income] Free Download

Create and Sell Digital Art using AI [Passive Income] Free Download

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Learn to Generate amazing arts & graphics using AI and turn it into a business by selling art and freelance services.

What you’ll learn

Learn to create amazing graphics and art just from imaginations using Artificial Intelligence

Learn to transform Images into to Visual arts with different patterns using AI

Learn to generate Deep Dreams from any image or art

Learn to Sell those arts without any restriction and also monetize your skills by providing freelance services

Become AI art Entrepreneur by listing multiple art creatures with your creativity and selling those arts in multiple ways


No prior coding or art experience required

A computer with Internet connection


In this course we are going to use AI to generate art and graphics from imaginations and also turning your pictures into art that you can sell and become a digital artist and entrepreur of this era of AI and web3.

First of all I will be showing you that how you can sign up for that tool what are the requirements to use that tool and how you can use that tool. Then after that we will be covering that how we can use different sections of that tool like in that tool there are three major subsections and the first one is is text 2 dream, the second one is deep style and the third one is deep dream.

All these sub tools in deep dream generator have their own advantages and have their own features and setting so we will be covering all the features and settings so it will help you to generate AI art is easily from text and from imagination and also from already existing images that you own.

The best part is that you can use that hobby and you can turn this passion or hobby into a business which can be a passive income source and also you can start freelancing using this rule and in this course I will be sharing with you multiple ways to monetize that AI art service.

Not only that but to get motivation you will also get to know about some of the pre existing AI art sellers who art already selling their art in form of services, digital art and even physical art on different platform.

So after this course we can say that you can learn a new skill and you can also start a new profitable business that is an online business with the possibility of passive income as well.

So let’s just go right into the course and Learn how it works and to get started with AI art generation journey.

Who this course is for

Anyone interested in starting a side-business online

People who want to turn imagination into art